History of BLIIOT
History of BLIIOT
2005 World's first release the RTU5010 series of remote SMS controller based on GSM
Products sold to more than 30 countries and regions

2008 Release the S150 series of logic programmable remote controllers based on GSM
Widely used in high-speed bridge safety remote monitoring

2010 Released logic programmable data acquisition module S240 series based on GPRS
Widely used in Hong Kong subway data telemetry, sewage treatment plants, etc.

2012, all products were upgraded to the 3G version of the third-generation cellular communication technology WCDMA network
Products sold to more than 160 countries and regions

2013 released self-built CMS-02 configuration software

2015 Released the MxxxT series of remote I/O data acquisition modules based on industrial Ethernet communication technology
Start selling products in the domestic market

2016 Released wireless data acquisition system S281 series based on Lora wireless communication technology
The product is used in Zhongshan Station of Antarctic Scientific Expedition

2017 Released the R40 series of 4G industrial routers with logic programming and protocol conversion functions
Widely used in smart cities

2018 Released network equipment fault monitoring system RTU5028E and battery pack monitoring system BMS100
Released photovoltaic power generation remote monitoring system BMS110

2019 Released an industrial IoT platform based on cloud computing technology, and won 3 outstanding product awards at the High-Tech Fair
Products are sold to more than 190 countries and regions

2020 Released the BL110 series of industrial IoT gateways, and obtained the certification of Amazon AWS and Thingsboard
The product was selected by Huawei Technologies as a demonstration case for accessing the Huawei cloud platform and obtained Huawei technical certification

2021 The world's first to release the next-generation industrial IoT IO control system EdgeIO controller BL200Pro
Released industrial fieldbus series I/O system, etc.

2022 Released NXP based edge computing gateway, embedded ARM industrial computer BL300 series
Products are used in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet of Things