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Hospital Refrigerator Temperature Monitoring IoT Solutions

King Pigeon has developped serval IoT Solutions for complete temperature tracking and monitoring solutions for multiple requirements for hospital area. In the hospital area, these temperature monitoring systems are very important to maintain safety in different departments. The hospital is such place where all the departments need monitoring device to keep safety or to track temperature.

We have designed all the hospital temperature monitoring IoT Solutions that can satisfy the requirements. includes via Ethernet, Lora, Cellular Network and RS485 communication technology and Cloud Platform, these solutions not only monitoring temperature, but also recording and can automatically control the air conditioners or remote control the air conditioners via Mobile Phones or SMS or Web Servers.

The hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring are used in:

  • Hospital Laboratory
  • Hospital Blood Bank
  • Hospital Radiology
  • Hospital Pharmacy
  • Hospital Nursing
  • Hospital Logistics
  • Hospital Operating Rooms
  • Hospital Research Pharmacy
  • Hospital Food Services/Dietary
  • Hospital Biomedical Engineering
  • Hospital Retail Services and many more

With King Pigeon IoT Solutions, using hospital refrigerator temperature monitoring IoT devices andKPIIOT Cloud Platform, you will have the best approach to monitoring temperature automatically or remotely.  It provides real time information so that you can examine which department requires perfection.

King Pigeon has expertise in production of hospital temperature monitoring systems according to customers demands. Below is an applications of King Pigeon IoT Solutions for  Blood Bank refrigerator temperature monitoring.

[IoT Device Model No.]: IoT105,RTU5027,S266,S281

[IoT Cloud Platform]: KPIIOT or others.

S266 Cellular Temperature Monitoring Unit used in Blood Bank refrigerator temperature monitoring