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DTU smart meter data acquisition
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The remote meter reading system is an intelligent management system for assessing electricity and water expenses, and statistical analysis of electric energy and water quantity measurement. It replaces the traditional manual meter reading method with a fully automatic meter reading method, which solves the problem of low efficiency of manual meter reading.

Remote meter reading
The GPRS remote meter reading system is a large-scale remote meter reading communication network system designed for the meter reading work of electric meters and water meters. It uses the advanced GPRS technology in the industry. It is a large-scale GPRS remote meter reading system with low cost and low operating cost, convenient networking and strong scalability. The system consists of a golden pigeon cloud platform, a GPRS network, a collector, and a smart meter with an RS485 interface to enable remote automatic meter reading.

System Block Diagram:
 Intelligent meter reading system

[Applicable device model]:S275/DTU/S17X/S37X/S47X/STC