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Function introduction and application of DLT645 and Modbus gateway

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Author : Jeakie
Update time : 2023-06-06 14:50:22
Function introduction and application of DLT645 and Modbus gateway

With the continuous development of information technology, the field of smart power has been paid more and more attention. As an important device for power grid management and energy monitoring, the application of power intelligent gateways is becoming more and more extensive. Today, we will introduce to you a very powerful power intelligent gateway, which can collect 50 DLT645, Modbus protocol electricity meters, and transmit to multiple platforms at the same time.
This power smart gateway features multiple protocol support. DLT645 and Modbus protocols are currently the most commonly used communication protocols for electric meters. The smart gateway can support both protocols at the same time to meet the needs of different customers. Similarly, the gateway also has a complete solution for the protocol support of other electric equipment. Whether you are maintaining an industrial computer, using a touch screen, or building a DCS or MES system, this power intelligent gateway can easily interact with them.

In addition, the power intelligent gateway also has the characteristics of multi-platform support. Power data needs to be shared in various systems, such as configuration system, MES system, DCS system, etc. Therefore, the smart gateway can transmit the collected power data to multiple platforms at the same time, helping users to share information effectively and improve production efficiency.

In addition, the power intelligent gateway also has the advantages of multi-functional integration. In addition to basic data collection and transmission functions, the gateway can also monitor circuit voltage, current and other parameters in real time, and make statistics on power consumption, providing users with comprehensive power data analysis. In addition, the gateway has a variety of alarm mechanisms and automatic recovery mechanisms, which can effectively ensure the stable operation of the power system.

In practical applications, the power intelligent gateway has wide applicability. It can be applied to various large-scale power facilities, such as industrial parks, highways, shopping malls, office buildings, etc. Take an industrial park as an example. In this environment, the number of electric meters is usually large, and a device that can quickly collect and transmit electric power data in real time is required. The power intelligent gateway can meet such needs and provide users with more stable and efficient power monitoring services.

To sum up, the electric power intelligent gateway is a very powerful electric power intelligent device, and its outstanding protocol support, multi-platform transmission, multi-functional integration and other characteristics have been widely used. It is believed that with the development of electric power intelligence, the electric power intelligent gateway will play an increasingly important role in the entire industry.
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